About Sri Ram 'SIR'


Sri Ram 'SIR' , the Chief Facilitator of the workshop is a spiritual-scientist, psychologist, philosopher, poet, author, speaker, seer and sage. He has done an extensive research on spirituality and the art of joyous living in the laboratory of life and nature. He validated his omniscience scientifically and proclaimed the spiritual truths. He has provided tools and techniques to enhance one's spiritual intelligence, tap the inner resources and experience joy and peace in any kind of challenging situations. He has mastered the art and science of joyous living.

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About Dr.Pratap

Engineer, scientist, spiritualist, naturalist, author, teacher, corporate trainer and consultant, Dr. Pratap Sriram Sundar, the Co-facilitator of this workshop wears many hats. With his versatility, sagacity and bubbling enthusiasm, he leaves an indelible impression on his workshop participants.

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About Warlu

Dr.Warlu is the one of the Leading Motivational speaker in India.He has conduted several in-house and open public training programmes, His workshop participants include.amongst others, judges, Vice-Chancellors, Principals, People from IAS and Other All india Services, Journalists, Doctors, Business Tycoons Corporate People and Politicians.

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A Two-day Transcendental and Transformative
Global Workshop for Joy, Peace and Peak Performance
              Venue : At Peacock Hall, Hotel Marigold(Adjacent to Green
              Park Hotel) Greenlands, Begumpet,Hyderabad, India.
              Dates : 3 (Saturday) & 4(Sunday) December 2011
              Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM
              Contact Mail-Id:
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Dates : 03-12-2011 and 04-12-2011

"Two Days SQ Training Program" in Hyderabad