About Sri Ram 'SIR'

Sri Ram 'SIR' has basic degree in science and he did his M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in English. He is the author of more than a dozen books on spirituality, life and the art of joy. Dew Drops on a Lotus Leaf, Voyage into Consciousness, Journey into Joy and Telling Stories The Indian Way (all by Sterling Publishers, New Delhi), Divinity in Nature, Pearls of Wisdom, The Fragrance of Life and Smiling Tears (by other Publishers) are more popular among his books. The books titled In Search of Mother by      C. Venkata Krishna, an advocate at the High Court of AP, The Face of Eternity and The Gospel of Love by Professor               M. Sivaramkrishna, Former Professor and Head, Department of English, Osmania University are the biographies of Sri Ram 'SIR' published by Sterling.


'SIR' has a charismatic personality and captivates the audience with his deep mellifluous voice from which pearls of wisdom gush out in the language which is playful, profound, witty and wise. He has traveled widely in India and abroad. He loves silence and solitude. Though he lives a life of anonymity except for a few occasional get-togethers and one-on-one meetings, his impact is global and he is a much-sought-after speaker.


Words cannot unveil HIS full stature nor can I shrink HIM into any known frame of reference. HIS divine presence is to be experienced. All that I can say is that HIS picture hangs in many Puja rooms as it does in ours. Yet HE prefers to remain (in HIS own words) Unanimously Anonymous.
It is a mystery why HE chose to remain anonymous till now and not to offer guidence to more people in their journey of transformation. So, after long years of remaining away from public attention, it is equally intriguing now, that HE has decided to make Himself available to general public, through these workshops. An English teacher by profession and a father of two children, SIR leads an ordinary life yet HE is an enigma, even to the most ardent and long standing devotees. Hiding behind HIS secular mask is the most sacred and splendorous divine power that can only be perceived, when HE allows. When this happens the joy is carried for good and the urge to experience HIS Love becomes irresistible. Hundreds if not thousands, find solace in HIS nectarous words and consider it as a blessing to meet HIM. Yet, just like different seeds yield differently, even though rain and soil are the same, so it is with people with varied backgrounds, their pace of transformation varies. Hence the note of caution; do not judge the messenger but to pay attention to the message.




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Date : 10-12-2010

"SAMPADA RAHASYAM" launching today 6 PM at Ravindra Bharathi

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"Changing the world must begin by changing the self.Warlu offers a refreshing approch to changing attitudes and mindsets."

Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

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